Winter reading

This winter I have a new collection of books by my bedside:

  • “Brit(ish)”, by Afu Hirsch
  • “What’s the Future and Why it’s up to Us”, by Tim O’Reilly
  • “El Porvenir de mi Pasado”, by Mario Benedetti
  • “The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie”, by Muriel Spark
  • “Memento Mori”, also by Muriel Spark

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Books I’m reading this Autumn

I love reading, especially proper books that you can touch and smell.

I read to relax, to forget, to travel, to learn.

Normally, the book I pick up depends on my mood that day or at that moment or how tired I am, so I tend to trail several of them at once and thus take ages finishing them.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this last couple of months:

  • What’s the Future and Why it’s Up to Us“, by Tim O’Reilly
  • Roahl Dahl’s marvellous medicine“, by Tom Solomon
  • Les dones del 36“, by Isabel Olesti
  • Le livre des Baltimore“, by Joel Dicker

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