This winter I have a new collection of books by my bedside:

  • “Brit(ish)”, by Afu Hirsch
  • “What’s the Future and Why it’s up to Us”, by Tim O’Reilly
  • “El Porvenir de mi Pasado”, by Mario Benedetti
  • “The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie”, by Muriel Spark
  • “Memento Mori”, also by Muriel Spark

I started reading Tim O’Reilly’s book way back in Autumn and will still last me for a while. I can only read short bits of it at a time. Not because it is a complicated but, it isn’t, but because it gives you so much to think about. You read a section and want to digest it, use it as a new lense to look at the world of tech and its interaction with and shaping of society.

Due to the 100th anniversary of Muriel Spark‘s birth, there are a lot of new editions in the bookshops, as well as events, films and exhibitions all over Scotland about her work. The majority of Scots know Spark from learning about her work at school and because a film was made in 1969 of “The Prime…“. For us new Scots such celebrations are a great way of discovering a fantastic writer, but also an enjoyable way of learning more about the history and culture of the nation where we live.

I leave you with the first parragraph of Mario Benedetti’s book of short stories. Half prose, half poetry.

Eso fui. Una suerte de botella echada al mar. Botella sin mensaje. Menos nada. Nada menos. O tal vez una primavera que avanzaba a destiempo. O un suplicante desde el Más Acá. Ateo de aburridos sermones y supuestos martirios.


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